A Virtually Painless Tooth Extraction Experience

man with jaw painSometimes a tooth has suffered such severe decay or damage from trauma that it must be removed. Extracting a tooth may be the best or only option to prevent a cascading effect of serious oral health problems. If you need a tooth extractionTampa dentist Theodore Grellner can perform the procedure in the utmost comfort. An outstanding oral and maxillofacial surgeon with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Grellner is well-known for his optimally gentle surgical approach. His patients experience minimized pain and faster recovery times. His innovative anesthesia technique also means that those uncomfortable symptoms of sedation, like dizziness and nausea, can be dramatically reduced. Patients often comment that their oral surgery "was a breeze." To learn more about how our approach to tooth extraction can benefit you, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

While saving a tooth or part of a tooth is the best solution, sometimes it is not possible. There are many situations in which a tooth extraction might be necessary:

  • A decayed, broken, or cracked tooth cannot be repaired
  • Infected teeth are too compromised for a root canal therapy
  • Teeth have become too loosened by advanced periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • Impacted teeth, or a tooth that does not enter the dental arch, cannot be salvaged
  • Teeth must be removed in preparation for orthodontic treatment

If you suffer with any of these complications, you might need a tooth extraction. Fortunately, with Dr. Grellner's expert care, you can undergo a procedure that is virtually painless. In certain situations, tooth extraction can make all the difference in your oral health, and we aim to make these procedures as comfortable as possible.

Replacing The Extracted Back Tooth With An Implant?

Since our back teeth are so important to effective, strong chewing, losing a back tooth and not replacing it can have a number of detrimental effects - too many to discuss here. If you would like Dr. Grellner to replace this back tooth with an implant later, he may need to prepare the extraction socket (at the time of the extraction) for such an implant. During your consultation, he will describe what might need to be done and it planned into the time reserved for your surgery.

Techniques For Optimal Patient Comfort

Dr. Grellner's mastery of oral surgery techniques means less discomfort and faster recovery for you. The guiding principle to his work is to be methodical and gentle. With decades of experience, he knows the little steps needed to help patients avoid future problems. A favorite motto of his is: "Be kind to the bone." Less bone trauma means fewer compilations and expedited healing times. While recovery times vary from case to case, most patients can expect a full, or a nearly full recovery, by the time they have their follow-up appointment within a week of their surgery.

Another great reason to choose Dr. Grellner is his innovative anesthesia technique. Dr. Grellner is licensed to administer anesthesia, and has developed a micro-dose pump delivery method. These small doses of sedation mean a smoother experience for his patients, unlike the "roller coaster" effect you might feel under traditional sedation. Dizziness, nausea, and other uncomfortable symptoms of anesthesia are minimized when administered by Dr. Grellner.

Contact Us to Learn More

Dr. Grellner and his team are eager to use their advanced techniques and care to help make your tooth extraction experience more comfortable than you have probably anticipated. Contact us today to speak with our friendly staff and learn more.

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