Safe, Effective Oral Surgery

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes a tooth has suffered such extensive damage from decay or trauma that it cannot be saved. If you need a tooth extraction, rest assured that Dr. Grellner can perform one for you that reduces any discomfort to an absolute minimum. His gentle and methodical surgical approach keeps your comfort in mind, and minimizes recovery times. He can replace lost back teeth with dental implants.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Grellner knows how to make your wisdom tooth extraction supremely comfortable. His first crucial step is to work closely with patients to determine the absolute best possible time (or stage in the development of the tooth) to perform extraction. While undergoing surgery, his approach is kinder to your mouth, particularly the bone, so trauma and pain are minimized. He has also developed an advanced anesthesia technique that means a quicker recovery and fewer uncomfortable side-effects. 

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The Healing Period

Have you just undergone oral surgery, or are you getting ready for your big day? We have some tips that can help alleviate your symptoms and expedite your healing time. It may seem obvious, but it is first important to brush your teeth thoroughly before and after surgery, being careful to cover the entire surface of each tooth. There are also some dental hygiene products available at most drug stores that patients can use to ease post-operative discomfort. We will take time to provide you with ample instruction for the best possible experience.

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The Ideal Age for Wisdom Teeth Removal

The timing of your wisdom extraction is critically important to ensuring an optimally comfortable experience. As we age, our roots quickly harden and mature - in fact, a teenager's jawbone is considerably softer than that of someone in their 20's. When a mature tooth root is pulled, it can potentially damage the nerve below the tooth, causing numbness. With more than three decades of experience, Dr. Grellner can create a wisdom tooth extraction plan for you that reduces discomfort and complications, while expediting healing. 

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Wisdom Teeth Removal FAQ's

Do you have questions about wisdom teeth, like when they have to be removed and why? Many are confused about the nature of those third sets of molars that begin to appear in the back of their mouth during adolescence or young adulthood. Learn the many details of wisdom teeth, so you can make an informed decision about their removal. 

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Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth, or have dentures that slip out of place? You might benefit from dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically implanted at in the jawbone. Since the dental implant serves the function of a tooth root, they provide stable and dependable support for a crown (that looks like a tooth). Dr. Grellner can perform a dental implant procedure to replace posterior teeth, restoring the balance of your smile and bite. Implants have the added benefit of potentially lasting a lifetime.

Dentures can also be affixed secured by implants There is no need to to eliminate the worry about your dentures slipping out of place, or compromising your speech.

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Dr. Grellner has developed an IV anesthesia technique that virtually eliminates the uncomfortable side-effects of nausea and dizziness so often associated with IV sedation, regardless of the depth of the anesthesia. With this technique, the anesthesia effects dissipate in about half the time of standard techniques. Dr. Grellner is licensed to administer anesthesia himself, and does so with infusion pumps that deliver constant micro-doses of medication, smoothing out the typical “roller coaster” anesthetic patients might experience elsewhere. His patients can enjoy returning to a steady relaxed but clear state of mind and body quicker, returning home much more alert than ever before. Read More About Sedation

Bone Grafting

If you have suffered tooth loss, trauma, or a congenital jaw defect, you may have a weakened jawbone. To fortify the jawbone, a bone graft may be necessary. Dr. Grellner has the skills and expertise to perform a bone graft that will efficiently prepare your jaw for placing dental implants. His highly specialized technique (called a ridge split) can minimize the risks involved in this delicate surgical process. Patients can also enjoy a quicker recovery time, so they are on the road to receiving their dental implants sooner.

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